UFS Workflows Workshop and CROW review | Agenda



April 28 - CROW Review (All times shown are in Eastern Daylight)

10:00 am   ET Welcome  Evan Kalina (DTC, CIRES/GSL)

10:15 am   Opening Remarks: Status and Plans for UFS Workflows  Arun Chawla (EMC)

10:45 am   Workflow Requirements Ligia Bernardet (DTC, GSL)

11:05 am   Overview of CROW Kate Friedman (EMC)

11:35 am   Morning Break

11:45 am   Overview of the Current HAFS Workflow and Configuration System Bin Liu  (IMSG/EMC), Henry Winterbottom (IMSG/EMC), Avichal Mehra (EMC)

12:15 pm   CROW in HAFS Sam Trahan (DTC, CIRES/GSL)

1:00 pm   Lunch

2:00 pm   Demo: CROW in HAFS Evan Kalina (DTC, CIRES/GSL)

2:30 pm   Open discussion

3:15 pm   Afternoon Break

3:30 pm   CIME Case Control System in HAFS Mariana Vertenstein (NCAR), Rocky Dunlap (NCAR)   

4:15 pm   Panel Q&A: Direction of HAFS Workflow Development Arun Chawla (EMC), Avichal Mehra (EMC), Mariana Vertenstein (NCAR), Evan Kalina (DTC,CIRES/GSL)              

5:00 pm   Adjourn


April 29 - Workflows Workshop, Day 1 (All times shown in Eastern Daylight)

10:00 am   Welcoming Remarks Ben Cash (GMU) and DaNa Carlis (OAR)

10:15 am   Status and Plans for UFS Workflows and Workflow Requirements Arun Chawla (EMC) and Ligia Bernadet (DTC, NOAA/GSL)

10:45 am   Global Workflow and R2O Constraints Kate Friedman (NOAA/EMC/EIB)

11:15 am   Break

11:45 am   Generic Workflow Generator for JEDI Thomas Auligne and Yannick Tremolet(JCSDA)

12:15 pm   CIME Workflow in MR Weather and S2S Application Mariana Vertenstein (NCAR)

12:35 pm   A Community Workflow for the SAR FV3 Jeff Beck (DTC, NOAA/GSL/CIRA)

12:55 pm   HAFS Workflow Overview Henry Winterbottom (IMSG, NOAA/EMC)     

1:15 pm   Break

2:00 pm   The Introduction of GEFS-Aerosol Workflow Li Pan (IMSG, NOAA/EMC/AQM) 

2:20 pm   Coupled Space Weather Forecasts Raffaele Montuoro (CIRES)

2:40 pm   Rocoto History, Philosophy, and Future Plans Christopher Harrop CIRES NOAA/GSL)

3:10 pm   Closing Remarks on Day 1 and Charge for Day 2

3:30 pm   Adjourn Day 1


April 30 - Workflows Workshop, Day 2 (All times shown in Eastern Daylight)

9:50 am Full group check-in

10:00 am    First Breakout Session Groups work to identify areas of duplication across workflows, as well as barriers to adoption by first-time users. What barriers are faced by users coming from another UFS application? What other potential common improvements across workflows can be identified?

11:15 am   Break

11:25 am   First breakout sessions report out What workflows were considered? What elements are duplicated? What elements are unique? What are the barriers to use?

12:15 pm   Break

1:00 pm   Second Breakout Session What are some potential solutions to the areas of duplication identified in the first session? Which areas of duplication are essential due to the separate nature of the applications? How can barriers to use be lowered? How can workflows be improved?

2:00 pm   Break

2:15 pm   Second breakout sessions report out What workflows were considered? What elements may be unnecessarily duplicated? What elements need to remain unique? How can barriers to use be lowered? 

3:15 pm   Questions and summary of group findings

3:45 pm   Closing remarks, next steps

4:00 pm   Adjourn