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Providing Tools to Facilitate the New Physical Parameterization Testing for Global NWP Models

The Global Model Test Bed (GMTB), established by the DTC in 2015, facilitates community involvement in the development of the Next Generation Global Prediction System (NGGPS). It achieves this by contributing to select aspects of code management and infrastructure for the community to interact with the code system, supporting a hierarchical testing framework (described here), facilitating and performing testing and evaluation of innovations for the operational system with an initial focus on physical parameterizations. A primary goal of GMTB is to create information that can be used for an evidence-based decision making process at NCEP, by using tools that range from a Single-Column Model through an end-to-end automated workflow to run NOAA's global NWP model and post-process, verify, and conduct diagnostics on the forecasts.

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