Visitor Program


The DTC Visitor Program supports visitors to work with the DTC to test new forecasting and verification techniques, models and model components for numerical weather prediction (NWP). The goal is to provide the operational weather prediction centers (e.g., NCEP and AFWA) with options for near–term advances in operational weather forecasting, and to provide researchers with NWP codes that represent the latest advances in the technology. This program also offers an opportunity for visitors to introduce new techniques into the DTC Community Codes that would be of particular interest to the research community. The DTC offers two types of visitor projects: 1) projects undertaken by the Principal Investigator (PI), and 2) projects undertaken by a graduate student under direction of the PI. Successful applicants for the first type of project will be offered up to two months of salary compensation, and travel and per diem. The two months can be distributed over several weeks during a one–year period. Visitors are expected to visit the DTC in Boulder, Colorado and/or one of the operational centers. Access to DTC computational resources will enable significant portions of the visitor's project to be conducted from their home institution. Successful applicants for the second type of project will be offered up to one year of temporary living per diem stipend and travel expenses for the graduate student to work with the DTC in Boulder, Colorado, and travel and per diem for up to two two–week visits to the DTC by the project PI.

Announcement of Opportunity

Selection Process

Proposals submitted in response to the DTC Visitor Program Announcement of Opportunity are subject to both external and internal review. The external review will be conducted by the DTC Science Advisory Board (SAB), which consists of scientists from government labs, operational centers, and academic institutions. The DTC Management Board will make the final recommendations to the DTC Director based on the review by the DTC SAB.


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