METplus Practical Session Guide (Version 5.0) | MET Tool: PB2NC > Run

PB2NC Tool: Run

Next, run PB2NC on the command line using the following command:
pb2nc \
${METPLUS_DATA}/met_test/data/sample_obs/prepbufr/ \ \
PB2NCConfig_tutorial_run1 \
-v 2
If this run fails due to runtime issues, please download a copy of the output file here and manually save it as

PB2NC is now filtering the observations from the PrepBufr file using the configuration settings we specified and writing the output to the NetCDF file name we chose. This should take a few minutes to run. As it runs, you should see several status messages printed to the screen to indicate progress. You may use the -v command line option to turn off (-v 0) or change the amount of log information printed to the screen.

Inspect the PB2NC status messages.

If you'd like to filter down the observations further, you may want to narrow the time window or modify other filtering criteria. We will do that after inspecting the resultant NetCDF file.