METplus Practical Session Guide (Version 5.0) | Session 11: METplus Cloud

METplus Practical Session 11

This session will cover two METplus feature relative use cases.

Prerequisites: Accessing a guided tutorial EC2 instance

Running the tutorial in the cloud requires a cloud instance. Currently we are only supporting Amazon Web Services tutorial instances.

1. If you are joining a guided tutorial and are using an EC2 instance you will have been given an ip address to that instance that is dedicated uniquely to you. Once you have that IP and the password associated with it you can access it with the following command
In the following instructions change <ip address> with the ip address given to you by the manager of the guided tutorial
Example: ssh


ssh ec2-user@<ip address>


2: Check that you have environment variables set correctly. If any of these variables are not set, navigate back to the METplus Setup section of the tutorial.
METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR is the location of all of your tutorial work, including configuration files, output data, and any other notes you'd like to keep.
METPLUS_BUILD_BASE is the full path to the METplus installation (/path/to/METplus-X.Y)
MET_BUILD_BASE is the full path to the MET installation (/path/to/met-X.Y)
METPLUS_DATA is the location of the sample test data directory


3: Check that the MET applications are in the path:
which point_stat


The first command should show you the directory where point_stat lives. In the second command you should see the usage statement for Point-Stat. The version number listed should correspond to the version listed in MET_BUILD_BASE. If it does not, you will need to either reload the met module, or add ${MET_BUILD_BASE}/bin to your PATH.


4: Check that the correct version of is in your PATH:
If you don't see the full path to script from the shared installation, please set it. It should look the same as the output from this command:

If more information is needed see the instructions in Session 1 for more information.

The next section describes how to create your own EC2 instance and is optional

If you discover any typos, error in the run commands, incorrect output listed, or any other issues while completing the tutorial, you are encouraged to submit your findings to the METplus team in a GitHub Discussions. Be sure to provide what session and specific page you encountered the issue on.