METplus Practical Session Guide (Version 5.0) | Preliminary work: METplus setup

Welcome to the online METplus tutorial!

In this preliminary session, you'll be guided through the necessary steps that need to happen before executing the tutorial's METplus commands. Additionally, we'll go over some of the common METplus wrapper configuration settings, timing control, and the directory structure of the METplus wrappers.

If you have already started working on the tutorial and are rejoining with the same METplus terminal session active (i.e. you have not changed any of the environmental configuration settings), you do not need to redo this section and can jump directly to the session of interest.

If you are just starting out, or you are returning with a new terminal session, you will need to revisit this session to get your environment correctly set. So select the next page of "METplus setup" to get started!