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ASCII2NC Tool: Output

When ASCII2NC is finished, you may view the output NetCDF file it wrote using the ncdump utility.

Run the following command to view the header of the NetCDF output file:
ncdump -h

The NetCDF header should look nearly identical to the output of the NetCDF output of PB2NC. You can see the list of stations for which we have data by inspecting the hdr_sid_table variable:

ncdump -v hdr_sid_table
Feel free to inspect the contents of the other variables as well.

This ASCII data only contains observations at a few locations.

Use the plot_point_obs to plot the locations, increasing the level of verbosity to 3 to see more detail:
plot_point_obs \ \ \
-data_file ${METPLUS_DATA}/met_test/data/sample_fcst/2007033000/nam.t00z.awip1236.tm00.20070330.grb \
-v 3
gv &

Next, we'll use the NetCDF output of PB2NC and ASCII2NC to perform Grid-to-Point verification using the Point-Stat tool.