2022 DTC METplus Workshop | Call for Abstracts



Call for Abstracts is now closed

The 2022 DTC METplus Workshop committee is soliciting abstracts that share presentations on how METplus has been used in forecast verification and diagnostic activities.  We would like to have each presentation provide some aspect of training to the other participants.  Therefore, we request that in your presentation you specify:

  • What METplus Use Case(s) were used to generate your plots and analysis
  • What MET tool(s) were used including a diagram showing the order in which you called them

We are looking for presentations about:

  • Applications to operational/routine verification
  • Model development
  • Product generation
  • Enhancements to METplus
  • Anything else you would like to demonstrate. 

Additionally, we encourage presentations on:

  • The use of any component of METplus in the cloud, containers, or Jupyter Notebooks
  • State of the UFS Metrics Workshop final metrics lists
  • Vision for the future
  • Connection to UFS Applications and EPIC