2017 Community GSI/EnKF Tutorial


- | NCWCP, College Park MD

Tuesday July 12, 2017

  • [Hui Shao (DTC, NCAR)] [pdf]
  • Fundamentals of Data Assimilation [Kayo Ide (U. of Maryland)] [pdf]
  • Overview of GSI [John Derber (NCEP)] [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (1): Setup & Compilation [Mark Potts (NCEP)] [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (2): Run & Namelist [Jeff Beck (DTC, NOAA)] [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (3): Diagnostics [Guoqing Ge (DTC, NOAA)] [pdf]
  • Intro to Practical Session [Chunhua Zhou (DTC, NCAR)] [pdf]

Wednesday July 12, 2017

  • Radiance Assimilation [Andrew Collard (NCEP)] [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (4): BE, Obs Error [Ming Hu (DTC, NOAA)] [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (5): Prep BUFR and BUFR Format [Guoqing Ge (DTC, NOAA)] [pdf]
  • Radar/Lightning Data Assimilation [Jacob Carley (NCEP)] [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (6): Review and Applications [Jeff Beck (DTC, NOAA)] [pdf]

Thursday July 13, 2017

  • GSI Hybrid/4D EnVar Data Assimilation [Daryl Kleist (NCEP)] [pdf]
  • GSI Infrastructures and Advanced Features [Ricardo Todling (GMAO/NASA)] [pdf]
  • Community Code Contribution & Transition [Hui Shao (DTC,NCAR)] [pdf]
  • EnKF Overview and Theory [Rahul Mahajan (NCEP)] [pdf]
  • EnKF Fundamentals (1): Configuration and Run [Chunhua Zhou (DTC, NCAR)] [pdf]
  • EnKF Fundamentals (2): Diagnostics & Applications [Ming Hu (DTC, NOAA)] [pdf]
  • DA Evolution & Expansion: JEDI [Yannick Tremolet (JCSDA)] [pdf]

Workshop Photos