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METplus Use Case: MTD

Reference Material

The MTD (Mode Time Domain) use case utilizes the MET MTD tools.

Optional: Refer to the MET Users Guide for a description of the MET tools used in this use case. 
Optional: Refer to the A-Z Config Glossary section of the METplus Users Guide for a reference to METplus variables used in this use case.

Review Use Case Configuration File: MTD.conf

Open the file and look at all of the configuration variables that are defined.
less ${METPLUS_BUILD_BASE}/parm/use_cases/met_tool_wrapper/MTD/MTD.conf

Note that there are options to specify to run the tool with one file or two, depending on the science question being answered, as well configuration options for the settings regularly adjusted by users. For example:


Also note that there is a configuration option to run MTD variables in MTD.conf reference other config variables that have been defined in other configuration files. For example:


This references INPUT_BASE which is set in the METplus data configuration file (metplus_config/metplus_data.conf). METplus config variables can reference other config variables even if they are defined in a config file that is read afterwards.

Run METplus

Change to the $METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR directory:
Run the following command: \
${METPLUS_BUILD_BASE}/parm/use_cases/met_tool_wrapper/MTD/MTD.conf \
${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/tutorial.conf \

METplus is finished running when control returns to your terminal console and you see the following text:

INFO: METplus has successfully finished running as user.

Review the Output Files

You should have output files including the following:

ls ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/MTD/mtd/2005080706
  • mtd_WRF_APCP_vs_MC_PCP_APCP_03_A03_20050807_060000V_2d.txt
  • mtd_WRF_APCP_vs_MC_PCP_APCP_03_A03_20050807_060000V_3d_pair_cluster.txt
  • mtd_WRF_APCP_vs_MC_PCP_APCP_03_A03_20050807_060000V_3d_pair_simple.txt
  • mtd_WRF_APCP_vs_MC_PCP_APCP_03_A03_20050807_060000V_3d_single_cluster.txt
  • mtd_WRF_APCP_vs_MC_PCP_APCP_03_A03_20050807_060000V_3d_single_simple.txt

Take a look at some of the files to see what was generated.

Open the output NetCDF file with ncview to look at the data:
ncview ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/MTD/mtd/2005080706/
Click on the buttons in the Var: section (i.e. fcst_raw) to view the fields.
Open an output text file to view the contents:
less ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/MTD/mtd/2005080706/mtd_WRF_APCP_vs_MC_PCP_APCP_03_A03_20050807_060000V_3d_single_simple.txt

Review the Log Files

Log files for this run are found in ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/MTD/logs. The filename contains a timestamp of the current year, month, day, hour, minute, and second.

ls ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/MTD/logs/metplus.log.*
NOTE: If you ran METplus on a different day than today, the log file will correspond to the day you ran. 

Review the Final Configuration File

The final configuration files are found in${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/MTD. Similar to the log files, the configuration file contains a timestamp of the time that the METplus command was run.

ls ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/MTD/metplus_final.conf.*