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METplus Use Case: QPF Probabilistic

The QPF Probabilistic use case utilizes the MET Pcp-Combine, Regrid-Data-Plane, and Grid-Stat tools.

Optional: Refer to the MET Users Guide for a description of the MET tools used in this use case.
Optional: Refer to the METplus Config Glossary section of the METplus Users Guide for a reference to METplus variables used in this use case.

Review Use Case Configuration File

The configuration file is located in use_cases/model_applications/precipitation and is called GridStat_fcstHRRR-TLE_obsStgIV_GRIB.conf

Open the file and look at all of the configuration variables that are defined.
less ${METPLUS_BUILD_BASE}/parm/use_cases/model_applications/precipitation/GridStat_fcstHRRR-TLE_obsStgIV_GRIB.conf

Note that several processes are called in this use-case and that there is a specific setting to tell METplus that the forecast field is probabilistic. For example:

PROCESS_LIST = PcpCombine, RegridDataPlane, GridStat

Also note that variables in GridStat_fcstHRRR-TLE_obsStgIV_GRIB.conf reference other config variables that have been defined in configuration files. For example:

REGRID_DATA_PLANE_VERIF_GRID = {INPUT_BASE}/model_applications/precipitation/mask/
OBS_PCP_COMBINE_INPUT_DIR = {INPUT_BASE}/model_applications/precipitation/StageIV

This references INPUT_BASE which is set in the METplus tutorial.conf file (${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/tutorial.conf). METplus config variables can reference other config variables even if they are defined in a config file that is read afterwards.

Run METplus

Run the following command: \
${METPLUS_BUILD_BASE}/parm/use_cases/model_applications/precipitation/GridStat_fcstHRRR-TLE_obsStgIV_GRIB.conf \
${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/tutorial.conf \

METplus is finished running when control returns to your terminal console and you see the following text:

INFO: METplus has successfully finished running.

Review the Output Files

You should have output files in the following directories:

ls ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/PQPF/model_applications/precipitation/GridStat_fcstHRRR-TLE_obsStgIV_GRIB/GridStat/201609041200
  • grid_stat_PROB_PHPT_APCP_vs_STAGE4_GRIB_APCP_A06_060000L_20160904_180000V_pct.txt
  • grid_stat_PROB_PHPT_APCP_vs_STAGE4_GRIB_APCP_A06_060000L_20160904_180000V_pjc.txt
  • grid_stat_PROB_PHPT_APCP_vs_STAGE4_GRIB_APCP_A06_060000L_20160904_180000V_prc.txt
  • grid_stat_PROB_PHPT_APCP_vs_STAGE4_GRIB_APCP_A06_060000L_20160904_180000V_pstd.txt
  • grid_stat_PROB_PHPT_APCP_vs_STAGE4_GRIB_APCP_A06_060000L_20160904_180000V.stat
  • grid_stat_PROB_PHPT_APCP_vs_STAGE4_GRIB_APCP_A06_070000L_20160904_190000V_pct.txt
  • grid_stat_PROB_PHPT_APCP_vs_STAGE4_GRIB_APCP_A06_070000L_20160904_190000V_pjc.txt
  • grid_stat_PROB_PHPT_APCP_vs_STAGE4_GRIB_APCP_A06_070000L_20160904_190000V_prc.txt
  • grid_stat_PROB_PHPT_APCP_vs_STAGE4_GRIB_APCP_A06_070000L_20160904_190000V_pstd.txt
  • grid_stat_PROB_PHPT_APCP_vs_STAGE4_GRIB_APCP_A06_070000L_20160904_190000V.stat
Take a look at some of the files to see what was generated.
less ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/PQPF/model_applications/precipitation/GridStat_fcstHRRR-TLE_obsStgIV_GRIB/GridStat/201609041200/grid_stat_PROB_PHPT_APCP_vs_STAGE4_GRIB_APCP_A06_060000L_20160904_180000V.stat

Review the Log Files

Log files for this run are found in ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/PQPF/logs. The filename contains a timestamp of the year, month, day, hour, minute, second that the METplus command was run.  The log file for this command will be the most recent one. 

Note: The time zone of your computer may not be the same as the time zone you are in.  For example, hera uses UTC which is 6 hours ahead of Mountain Daylight Time and 7 hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time (the time zone in Boulder, Colorado).

Review the Final Configuration File

The final configuration files are found in ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/PQPF. Similar to the log files, the configuration file contains a timestamp of the time that the METplus command was run.

ls ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/PQPF/metplus_final.conf.*