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Point-Stat Tool: Output

The format for the CTC, CTS, and CNT line types are the same. However, the numbers will be different as we used a different set of observations for the verification.

Open up the point_stat_run2_360000L_20070331_120000V_cts.txt CTS file, and note the following:
vi point_stat_run2_360000L_20070331_120000V_cts.txt
  • The columns prior to LINE_TYPE contain header information.
  • The LINE_TYPE column indicates that these are CTS lines.
  • The remaining columns contain statistics derived from the threshold contingency table counts. See the point_stat output section of the MET User's Guide for a thorough description of the output.
  • Confidence intervals are given for each of these statistics, computed using either one or two methods. The columns ending in _NCL(normal confidence lower) and _NCU (normal confidence upper) give lower and upper confidence limits computed using assumptions of normality. The columns ending in _BCL (bootstrap confidence lower) and _BCU (bootstrap confidence upper) give lower and upper confidence limits computed using bootstrapping.
Close that file, open up the point_stat_run2_360000L_20070331_120000V_sl1l2.txt SL1L2 partial sums file, and note the following:
vi point_stat_run2_360000L_20070331_120000V_sl1l2.txt
  • The columns prior to LINE_TYPE contain header information.
  • The LINE_TYPE column indicates these are SL1L2 partial sums lines.

Lastly, the point_stat_run2_360000L_20070331_120000V.stat file contains all of the same data we just viewed but in a single file. The Stat-Analysis tool, which we'll use later in this tutorial, searches for the .stat output files by default but can also read the .txt output files.

vi point_stat_run2_360000L_20070331_120000V.stat