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Point-Stat Tool: Configure

Start by making an output directory for Point-Stat and changing directories:
mkdir -p ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/met_output/point_stat
cd ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/met_output/point_stat

The behavior of Point-Stat is controlled by the contents of the configuration file passed to it on the command line. The default Point-Stat configuration file may be found in the data/config/PointStatConfig_default file.

The configurable items for Point-Stat are used to specify how the verification is to be performed. The configurable items include specifications for the following:

  • The forecast fields to be verified at the specified vertical levels.
  • The type of point observations to be matched to the forecasts.
  • The threshold values to be applied.
  • The areas over which to aggregate statistics - as predefined grids, lat/lon polylines, or individual stations.
  • The confidence interval methods to be used.
  • The interpolation methods to be used.
  • The types of verification methods to be used.
Let's customize the configuration file. First, make a copy of the default:
cp ${MET_BUILD_BASE}/share/met/config/PointStatConfig_default PointStatConfig_tutorial_run1
Next, open up the PointStatConfig_tutorial_run1 file for editing and modify it as follows:
vi PointStatConfig_tutorial_run1
  • Set:
    fcst = {
      message_type = [ "ADPUPA" ];
      field = [
          name     = "TMP";
          level      = [ "P850-1050", "P500-850" ];
          cat_thresh = [ <=273, >273 ];
    obs = fcst;

    to verify temperature over two different pressure ranges against ADPUPA observations using the thresholds specified.

  • Set:
    ci_alpha = [ 0.05, 0.10 ];

    to compute confidence intervals using both a 5% and a 10% level of certainty.

  • Set:
    output_flag = {
       fho    = BOTH;
       ctc    = BOTH;
       cts    = STAT;
       mctc   = NONE;
       mcts   = NONE;
       cnt    = BOTH;
       sl1l2  = STAT;
       sal1l2 = NONE;
       vl1l2  = NONE;
       val1l2 = NONE;
       pct    = NONE;
       pstd   = NONE;
       pjc    = NONE;
       prc    = NONE;
       ecnt   = NONE;
       eclv   = BOTH;
       mpr    = BOTH;

    to indicate that the forecast-hit-observation (FHO) counts, contingency table counts (CTC), contingency table statistics (CTS), continuous statistics (CNT), partial sums (SL1L2), economic cost/loss value (ECLV), and the matched pair data (MPR) line types should be output. Setting SL1L2 and CTS to STAT causes those lines to only be written to the output .stat file, while setting others to BOTH causes them to be written to both the .stat file and the optional LINE_TYPE.txt file.

  • Set:
    output_prefix = "run1";

    to customize the output file names for this run.

Note that in the mask dictionary, the grid entry is set to FULL. This instructs Point-Stat to compute statistics over the entire input model domain. Setting grid to FULL has this special meaning.

Next, save the PointStatConfig_tutorial_run1 file and exit the text editor.