2021 DTC UFS Evaluation Metrics Workshop | Pre-Workshop Survey 2

2021 DTC UFS Evaluation Metrics Workshop



In preparation for the Workshop, a series of pre-workshop surveys were conducted to gather community input from the diverse set of interested stakeholders across government, academic, commercial/private sectors, and other stakeholders.  Results from Survey 1 can be found on the Pre-Workshop Survey 1 page.

Survey 2 is broken up into 9 surveys with 2-6 subsections per application.  People were asked to respond to the ones they felt qualified to answer.  The others were skipped. T

Through the survey, we were trying to identify what are:

  • Additional Critical fields that are needed by the user community to assess skill in each application
  • Levels, Accumulation Intervals, Temporal and Spatial Attributes

Please follow the links to the surveys for each application.

UFS Application Response by Sector (updated 1/5)  

Short Range Weather /
Convection Allowing Model

Total: 101

Medium Range Weather

Total: 69  


Total: 36  


Total: 23  

Air Quality/Composition

Total: 37  


Total: 14  


Total: 30  

Marine and Coastal

Total: 31  


Total: 14