2021 DTC UFS Evaluation Metrics Workshop | Pre-workshop Survey 1

2021 DTC UFS Evaluation Metrics Workshop



The goal of the workshop was to identify and prioritize key metrics to use for evaluating the Unified Forecast System (UFS) research products and establish their readiness to move from one research stage to another prior to becoming an operational candidate. In preparation for the Workshop, a series of pre-workshop surveys were used to gather community input from the diverse set of interested stakeholders across government, academic, and private sectors.

Survey 1 was available in late October and was broken up into 8 applications with 2-6 subsections per application.  Through the survey, we were trying to identify what are:

  • Critical fields that are needed by the user community to assess skill in each application
  • Omissions in the lists of fields that were generated at the 2018 Evaluation Metrics Workshop


UFS Application Response by Sector (updated 11/02)   All Survey Results

Short Range Weather /
Convection Allowing Model

Sub-sections: Upper-Level,
Surface/Sensible Weather, Aviation,
Air Quality, Precipitation, Severe,
Winter Weather,
Land Surface,
and Hydrologic

Total: 142 SRW/CAM Survey Results

Medium Range Weather /
Subseasonal to Seasonal

Sub-sections: Upper-Level Synoptic,
Surface/Sensible Weather,
Land-Surface, Marine/Waves,

Total: 98   MRW/S2S Survey Results


Sub-sections: General Synoptic,

Total: 38   Seasonal Survey Results

Air Quality/
Atmospheric Composition

Sub-sections: Surface/Sensible Weather,
Aerosols, Chemistry

Total: 57   Air Quality/Atmospheric Composition
Survey Results


Sub-sections: General Marine, Coastal

Total: 32   Coastal Survey Results


Sub-sections: Environmental,
TC Attributes

Total: 73   Hurricane Survey Results

Marine and Cryosphere

Sub-sections: Marine,

Total: 42   Marine and Cryosphere
Survey Results


Sub-sections: Tropospheric Weather,
Upper Atmosphere, Ions/Molecules,
Indices and Other Parameters
Total: 16   Space Weather Survey Results