2021 DTC UFS Evaluation Metrics Workshop | METplus Metrics Coverage

2021 DTC UFS Evaluation Metrics Workshop


METplus coverage

Statistics: Approximately 95% of the statistics associated with the prioritized fields across all applications are currently available in METplus.

Diagnostics: Approximately 65% of the diagnostics associate with prioritized processes are currently available in METplus

Reference Sources:  Approximately 60% of the reference sources (observations, analysis, climatologies) have been demonstrated within METplus.  

The METplus team is working to compile an cohesive inventory of statistics and diagnostics at this time.  For now, we refer you to the METplus (look at Use-Cases) and MET User's Guides (Appendix C) for reference.


Gaps in METplus (currently based on preliminary - not final - metrics)

Application/Component Statistics Diagnostics Reference Source
SRW - - Need to test: Ceilometer, ACARS, AzShear/Rotation Tracks, SPC Mesoanalysis, 3DRTMA, VAD winds
MRW - - See Marine/Cryo, Hydro, and Land
S2S See Seasonal See Seasonal See Marine/Cryo, Hydro, and Land
Seasonal BBS, Integrated Ice Edge, CTP-Hi EOF Patterns, AO/AAO Index, NAO/PNA Index, RMM2, Palmer Drought Severity Index, Heat Wave, Fire Danger Index, East Asian Summer Monsoon Index, Anomaly Trends, Energy Helicity Index, Supercell Composite Parameter

QBO Equitorial Zonal Winds, Upper Ocean Heat Content, Standardized Precip Index

Also see Marine/Cryo, Hydro, and Land

Coastal See as Marine/Cryo - See Marine/Cryo

Bias including covarience matrix,
Consistency Ratio

Forecast and Analysis Activity Diagnostics, Dropout Diagnostics -
Hydro - Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency Need to test: SNOTEL, MODIS/MODSCAG, SNODAS, UA, state mesonet, NOHRSC, IMS, NASA Snow analysis, NESDIS STAR snow cover product, USGS, USACE, USBR data
Hurricane - Genesis Potential Index (Camargo), Genesis Parm (DeMaria) Need to test: Recon Vortex messages, OMI, TROPOMI, and OMPS
Lake See as Marine/Cryo - See Marine/Cryo
Land - - Need to test: International Soid Moisture Network, State Mesonets, AmeriFlux, Landsat,
Marine/Cryo Integrated Ice Edge, Modified Hausdorff, Scatter Index - Need to test: GHRSST, Bouys, GODAE, Satellite Altimetry, OSCAR analysis, AMSR2, NSIDC analyses, ARGO, SMOS, NASA Icebridge, MOSAIC
Space - - Need to test: Most sources except for TEC