Machine Learning for Beginners (Scikit-Learn and Keras)

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| NCAR | Boulder, Colorado



To follow the exercises in this tutorial, download the files below and request access to NCAR's Globally Accessible Data Environment (GLADE).

It is recommended to set up a virtual environment for this tutorial.

1. cd into your work directory or wherever you want to set up your virtual environment.
2. Type the following commands, in order

module load python/3.6.8

module load ncarenv

(this is the crucial step that is "hidden" in the link above and left out of the tutorial)

ncar_pylib -c 20190627 /path/to/your/chosen/location

3. Activate your virtual environment. If using csh:

source /path/to/your/chosen/location/bin/activate.csh
(bash should have a similar script that you would source).
Alternatively, you may be able to activate your virtual environment by simply typing
ncar_pylib /path/to/your/chosen/location

To deactivate your virtual environment, you can type