Welcome to the Unified Forecast System (UFS) Medium-Range Weather (MRW) Application Practical Session Guide

November 4-6, 2020


The MRW App practical session consists of three sessions with instructions focused on components described during the lecture series earlier in the day. 

Session 1 uses a global C96 grid with the GFSv15.2 physics suite to run a 48 hour forecast using FV3GFS raw initial condition files. It then progresses to changing the concentration of cloud condensation nucleii (CCN) variables and compares the difference between the two runs.  

Session 2 describes customizations that are commonly used, such as alternate physics suites, higher resolution grids, other use cases with alternate format initialization data, etc. 

Session 3 explores customizing the post-processing configuration files to add or remove fields and levels in the Grib2 output.

Throughout this training, please note, blocks of text follow these conventions:

  • Black background with white text is the command you should run.
  • Gray background with black text is the output you should see when you run the command.
  • Blue background with black text is additional information

You will use the NCAR HPC computer, Cheyenne, to download, compile, and run the MRW App.  Click on "Session 1" to get started.