Hurricane WRF (HWRF) | Getting Started

Obtaining Access To The HWRF Repositories

The HWRF system is available from a mix of subversion (SVN) and git repositories. A SVN checkout command will populate the source code directory by pulling code from eight individual repositories (such as WRF, UPP, UPP-CRTM libraries, WPS, hwrf-utilities, pomtc, ncep-coupler, and gfdl-vortextracker, except GSI), while a git checkout command will pull down the GSI repository. Therefore, to check out the HWRF system, it is necessary to have access to all nine of the required repositories. You will need a GitHub account (Do that here) prior to requesting HWRF repository access, but all other SVN accounts will be created for you.

The HWRF system uses five SVN repositories hosted by the DTC, three GitHub repositories hosted by NCAR, and a GitHub repository for the UPP hosted by EMC. Although the GitHub repository for the GSI is hosted by NCAR, it contains two submodules that are hosted in NOAA VLab. For this reason, HWRF developers need access to VLab, even if they are not planning to perform GSI development. The process for obtaining this access is summarized below.

DTC repository access

To request repository access for all of the DTC repositories, please submit a request to, with the subject line "HWRF Code Repository," along with the following additional information:

  • Full name
  • Institution
  • Primary email address
  • Phone number of voice mail
  • Whether you will do GSI development
  • Whether you have NOAA credentials

Obtaining all of the access accounts needed for complete repository access may take up to two weeks, so please plan ahead. When access to all of the repositories has been granted, you will receive an email with your DTC username, and for security reasons, a voice mail message with your password.

GSI repository access

The GSI repository requires a different account login and checkout command from the other repositories. The GSI consists of a top-level GitHub repository along with two submodules hosted within NOAA Virtual Lab (VLab). Therefore, access to VLab is required to gain access to the GSI repository.

For users with NOAA credentials, sign into the following links (both links are necessary to activate your account). Once you've successfully logged in, send an email to requesting access to the GSI project. Indicate you have already accessed VLab using your NOAA credentials.

  • VLAB (
  • RedMine (

For users without NOAA credentials, DTC will request a VLab account on your behalf using your primary email address.

Access to the GSI code repository is only available from white-listed machines. If possible, developers should use already white-listed platforms such as Jet, Hera, and Orion. However, it is also possible to request that a new machine be added to the white list.