Removal of Content Advisory - April 2024

Advisory to Hurricane WRF (HWRF) users: As of the beginning of April 2024, all support assets for Hurricane WRF (HWRF) will be removed from the DTC website. Users should download all reference materials of interest prior to April 2024.

Hurricane WRF (HWRF) | Contributed Code

Obtaining HWRF Community-Contributed Code

Through the generous contributions of HWRF developers and Users within the community, the DTC is able to provide access to many HWRF-related utilities that do not come with the standard set of HWRF codes. These codes are available for individual download by clicking on the links below.

The code provided here is supported entirely by the developer. The DTC is only acting to distribute the utilities. For questions concerning these utilities, or to report bugs, please contact the developer directly. Contact information can be found by clicking on the "name" link of each utility below.

Information about installing and running each utility is found in a README file, which is available both in the downloaded tar file, as well as by clicking on the "name" links below.

Available utilities

Terms of Use

The utilities developed and contributed by individual developers within the community and provided via the Developmental Testbed Center (DTC) website are considered in the public domain for use by any person or entity for any purpose without fee or charge. Neither the original developers of the utility, nor the DTC, make propriety claims, either statutory or otherwise, to the code provided to the public. It is requested that any user include this notice on any partial or full copies of the code obtained here. The codes are provided on an "AS IS" basis and any warranties, either express or implied, including, but not limited to implied warranties of non-infringement, originality, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose, are disclaimed. In no event shall UCAR, NOAA, DTC, or contributing developers be liable for any damages, whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, consequential or special, that arise out of, or in connection with the access, use or performance of the utilities, including infringement actions.