UPP Online Tutorial for UPPV4.1 | Setup and Run

Once UPP has been built successfully, users will be ready to start the procedures of running UPP on their model data. While unipost.exe can be run interactively on the command line, it would require the user to link all necessary files to their working directory and create the itag file, which includes needed user-defined information read in by unipost, themselves. Instead, new users are encouraged to use one of the convenient run scripts provided in the UPPV4.1/scripts/ directory.

The unipost.exe program requires the following files:

  1. itag: 5(7) line text file that details WRF(FV3) model output to process
  2. Control file: wrf_cntrl.parm (grib1) or postxconfig-NT.txt (grib2): file specifying fields/levels to output
  3. Extra files: e.g. Data tables for microphysics or satellite fields.

*** The provided run scripts will create and/or link these required files automatically ***