UPP Online Tutorial for UPPV4.1 | Installing UPP

Supported Architectures

Table 1. Hardware and compiler configurations tested for UPPV4.1.
Vendor Hardware OS Compiler
SGI Intel Xeon SUSE Linux GNU, Intel
Cray Intel Haswell Linux GNU, PGI
Dell Intel Xeon Debian Linux GNU, PGI

Obtaining the UPP Code 

The user can obtain the code in one of two ways:

  1. The UPP package is now available on Github. To create a local copy of the remote UPP repository on your computer and get the CRTM submodules:

       git clone -b release-tag-name --recurse-submodules https://github.com/NOAA-EMC/EMC_post UPPV4.1

    where, release-tag-name is the release tag you wish to clone (e.g. for UPPV4.1 use the release tag dtc_post_v4.1.0).

    This will clone the specified release of the EMC_post repository into a directory called UPPV4.1.

  2. Download the release tarfile from the UPP website (here)

    Once the tar file is obtained, gunzip and untar the file.

       tar -xzvf UPPV4.1.tar.gz

    This command will create a directory called UPPV4.1. 

The remainder of this documentation assumes the top directory of the UPP is called UPPV4.1

Examine the UPP Source Code

Move into the UPPV4.1 directory you created:

     cd UPPV4.1

Under the main directory of UPPV4.1 reside the following relevant subdirectories:

(* indicates directories that are created after the configuration step)

exec*: Contains the unipost executable after successful compilation 

include*: Source include modules built/used during compilation of UPP 

lib*: Libraries built/used by UPP that are separate from NCEPlibs 

parm: Contains parameter files, which can be modified by the user to control how the post processing is performed. 

scripts: Contains sample run scripts to process wrfout and fv3 history files. 

  • run_unipost: run unipost
  • run_unipostandgempak: run unipost and GEMPAK to plot various fields. 
  • run_unipostandgrads: run unipost and GrADS to plot various fields. 
  • run_unipost_frames: run unipost on a single file containing multiple forecast times. (WRF only) 
  • run_unipost_gracet: run unipost on forecast files with non-zero minutes/seconds. (WRF only) 
  • run_unipost_minutes: run unipost for sub-hourly forecast files. (WRF only) 
  • run_unipostandgrads_global: run unipost and GrADS for global wrfout files; results in single GRIB file. (WRF only) 

sorc: Contains source codes for:

  • arch: Machine dependent configuration build scripts used to construct *configure.upp* 
  • comlibs: Contains source code subdirectories for the UPP libraries not included in NCEPlibs 
    • crtm2: Community Radiative Transfer Model library   
    • wrfmpi_stubs: Contains some C and FORTRAN codes to generate libmpi.a library used to replace MPI calls for serial compilation.   
    • xml: XML support for the GRIB2 parameter file 
  • ncep_post.fd: Source code for unipost