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Setting up the Tutorial Environment (bash)

The following instructions should be run if configuring the bash environment to run the METplus Tutorial on your own computer. If you are running on an NCAR or NOAA machine that has been set up to run the tutorial, please go back and click the appropriate link for those instructions.

Create a Working Directory

Create a directory called 'METplus-5.0.0_Tutorial' to hold all of the files you will create during the tutorial. This can be any directory that you have write permission.

In the following instructions, change "/path/to" to the directory you chose: EDIT AFTER COPYING and BEFORE HITTING RETURN!
Change directory to the location where you want to put your tutorial files.
cd /path/to
Create a directory called METplus-5.0.0_Tutorial.
This directory will contain all of your tutorial work, including configuration files, output data, and any other notes you'd like to keep.
mkdir METplus-5.0.0_Tutorial
Change directory into the tutorial directory.
cd METplus-5.0.0_Tutorial

Create Directories for Configuration Files and Output Data

mkdir user_config
mkdir output

Obtain the Tutorial Setup Script

Copy the tutorial setup shell script to configure your runtime environment for use with METplus. You will also copy over a METplus .conf file that you will use to run:
wget -O ./
wget -O ./tutorial.conf

Configure the Tutorial Setup Script

Open the tutorial setup script with the editor of your choice and modify the values for METPLUS_BUILD_BASE, MET_BUILD_BASE, and METPLUS_DATA.
METPLUS_BUILD_BASE is the full path to the METplus installation (/path/to/METplus-X.Y)
MET_BUILD_BASE is the full path to the MET installation (/path/to/met-X.Y)
METPLUS_DATA is the location of the sample test data directory


Next navigate to the Verify Environment is Set Correctly page.