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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are returning to the tutorial, you must source the tutorial setup script before running the following instructions. If you are unsure if you have done this step, please navigate to the Verify Environment is Set Correctly page.

Grid-Stat Functionality

The Grid-Stat tool provides verification statistics for a matched forecast and observation grid. If the forecast and observation grids do not match, the regrid section of the configuration file controls how the data can be interpolated to a common grid. All of the forecast gridpoints in each spatial verification region of interest are matched to observation gridpoints. The matched gridpoints within each verification region are used to compute the verification statistics.

The output statistics generated by Grid-Stat include continuous partial sums and statistics, vector partial sums and statistics, categorical tables and statistics, probabilistic tables and statistics, neighborhood statistics, and gradient statistics. The computation and output of these various statistics types is controlled by the output_flag in the configuration file.

Grid-Stat Usage

View the usage statement for Grid-Stat by simply typing the following:

Usage: grid_stat  
  fcst_file Input gridded forecast file containing the field(s) to be verified.
  obs_file Input gridded observation file containing the verifying field(s).
  config_file GridStatConfig file containing the desired configuration settings.
  [-outdir path] Overrides the default output directory (optional).
  [-log file] Outputs log messages to the specified file (optional).
  [-v level] Level of logging (optional).
  [-compress level] NetCDF compression level (optional).

The forecast and observation fields must be on the same grid for verification. You can use copygb to regrid GRIB1 files, wgrib2 to regrid GRIB2 files, or the automated regridding within the regrid section of the MET config files.

At a minimum, the input gridded fcst_file, the input gridded obs_file, and the configuration config_file must be passed in on the command line.