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METplus Overview

METplus is a set of Python modules that have been developed with the flexibility to run the MET applications for various use cases or scenarios. The goal is to simplify the running of MET for scientists. Currently, the primary means of achieving this is through the use of METplus configuration files, aka "conf files." It is designed to provide a framework in which additional use cases can be added. The conf file implementation utilizes a Python package called produtil that was developed by NOAA/NCEP/EMC for the HWRF system.

Please be sure to follow the instructions in order.

METplus Useful Links

The following links are just for reference, and not required for this practical session. METplus releases are available on GitHub along with sample data and instructions.

METplus User's Guide
METplus Releases on GitHub

The source code for the METplus components are publicly available in the following GitHub repositories:

New features are developed and bugs are tracked using GitHub issues in each repository.