METplus Practical Session Guide (Version 4.0) | Session 7: Feature Relative

METplus Use Case: Feature Relative (Series-Analysis by init)


In this exercise, you will perform a series analysis based on the init time of your sample data. This use case focuses on using the latitude and longitude pairs for a "feature", such as a tropical cyclone or extra-tropical cyclone, to identify a user specified tile around the feature.  The tiles are then used to compute statistics using Series_Analysis.  Therefore, this use-case utilizes the MET Tc-Pairs, Tc-Stat, and Series-Analysis tools, and the METplus wrappers: TcPairs, ExtractTiles, TcStat, and SeriesAnalysis. Please refer to the MET Users Guide for a description of the MET tools and the METplus Users Guide for more details about the wrappers.

Review Use Case Configuration File: feature_relative.conf

View the file and study the configuration variables that are defined.

less ${METPLUS_BUILD_BASE}/parm/use_cases/model_applications/medium_range/TCStat_SeriesAnalysis_fcstGFS_obsGFS_FeatureRelative_SeriesByInit.conf

Note the configuration settings for this complex use-case.  The PROCESS_LIST is calling three wrappers.  The SERIES_ANALYSIS_STAT_LIST is set to four statistics, but can be set to many more.  The size of the tiles are configurable using the EXTRACT_TILES settings.  Also, note that variables in feature_relative.conf reference other variable you defined in other configuration files. For example: 


This references OUTPUT_BASE which you set in the METplus defaults configuration file (parm/metplus_config/defaults.conf). METplus config variables can reference other config variables, even if they are defined in a config file that is read afterwards.

Run METplus

Change to the METplus Tutorial Directory:


Run the following command. Use config.OUTPUT_BASE to change the output directory from the command line: \
${METPLUS_BUILD_BASE}/parm/use_cases/model_applications/medium_range/TCStat_SeriesAnalysis_fcstGFS_obsGFS_FeatureRelative_SeriesByInit.conf \
${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/tutorial.conf \

You will see output streaming to your screen. This may take up to 4 minutes to complete. METplus is finished running when control returns to your terminal console and you see the following text:

INFO: METplus has successfully finished running.

Review the Output Files

You should have output files in the following directories from the intermediate wrappers TcPairs, ExtractTiles, and TcStat, respectively:

ls ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/feature_relative_by_init

and the output of interest, from the SeriesAnalysis wrapper:


which has a directory corresponding to the date(s) of data in the data window:

ls ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/feature_relative_by_init/series_analysis_init

and under that directory are subdirectories named by the storm:

ls ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/feature_relative_by_init/series_analysis_init/20141214_00
ML1201042014, etc.

and under each of those directories lies the files of interest:

ls ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/feature_relative_by_init/series_analysis_init/20141214_00/ML1201042014

The OBS_FILES_ML########## (where ########## is the storm) is a text file that contains a list of the observation data included in the series analysis. The FCST_FILES_ML########## (where ########## is the storm) is a text file that contains a list of forecast data included in the series analysis.

The .nc files are the series analysis output generated from the MET series_analysis tool.

The .png and .ps files are graphics files that can be viewed using display or ghostview, respectively:

display ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/feature_relative_by_init/series_analysis_init/20141214_00/ML1201042014/series_TMP_Z2_FBAR.png &


gv ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/feature_relative_by_init/series_analysis_init/20141214_00/ML1201042014/ &

Note: the & is used to run this command in the background

Review the Log File

A log file is generated in your logging directory: ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/feature_relative_by_init/logs. The filename contains the timestamp corresponding to the current day. To view the log file:

ls ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/feature_relative_by_init/logs/metplus.log.*

Review the Final Configuration File

The final configuration file is metplus_final.conf. This contains all of the configuration variables used in the run.

less ${METPLUS_TUTORIAL_DIR}/output/feature_relative_by_init/metplus_final.conf