METplus Practical Session Guide (Version 4.0) | Session 1: METplus Setup/Grid-to-Grid

METplus Practical Session 1

During the first METplus practical session, you will run the tools indicated below:

During this practical session, please work on the Session 1 exercises. Proceed through the tutorial exercises by following the navigation links at the bottom of each page.

Each practical session builds on the output of previous practical sessions. So please work on them in the order listed.

Tutorial Format

Throughout this tutorial, code blocks in BOLD white text with a black background should be copied from your browser and pasted on the command line, e.g.:

echo "Let's Get Started"
Text in YELLOW boxes contains important information, expert hints or helpful links. Please read carefully.
Text in BLUE boxes are instructions for the user to perform some action or edit (add or modify) a specific file on your system.
Text in GRAY boxes are sample output from a command or contents of a file.

Tutorial Tips

Please read the instructions carefully! In some cases there are two sets of instructions where only one set of copyable instructions should be executed (i.e. bash vs. csh). Ignoring the information and simply copy/pasting the command line instructions may result in unintended consequences.

Note: Instructions in this tutorial use vi to open and edit files. If you prefer to use a different file editor, feel free to substitute it whenever you see vi.

Note: Instructions in this tutorial use okular to view pdf, ps, and png files. If you prefer to use a different file viewer, feel free to substitute it whenever you see okular.

Note: If you are running the tutorial inside Docker, you will not have access to the visualization tools described in this tutorial (such as okular, ncview, etc.) inside the Docker container. To run these commands, you will have to mount the output directory inside Docker to your local computer file system and run these tools from there.

Click the 'METplus Setup >' link below to get started!