METplus Tutorial

Date: -
Location: NCAR Foothills Laboratory (FL2) located at 3450 Mitchell Lane, Boulder, Colorado.

The next MET tutorial will be held February 4 - 6, 2019, at NCAR in Boulder, Colorado in conjunction with the 2019 Winter WRF Tutorial.

The METplus tutorial is typically offered annually in conjunction with the WRF tutorial or other WRF-related tutorials.

WRF tutorial classes for new users are generally offered twice a year, typically in the Summer and Winter. The tutorial consists of lectures about and hands-on experience using the following software packages:

  • The WRF system, both ARW and NMM dynamical cores
  • The WRF Preprocessing System (WPS)
  • WRF Postprocessing software and graphical tools
  • WRF-Var data assimilation
  • WRF-Chemistry
  • Model Evaluation Tools (METplus)

Participants may register for any combination of these tutorials.

Refer to the WRF Tutorial page for information on upcoming tutorials.

This tutorial makes use of the WRF Tutorial: MET Practical Sessions.