MET Online Tutorial

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

Wavelet-Stat Tool: Configure

The behavior of Wavelet-Stat is controlled by the contents of the configuration file passed to it on the command line. The default Wavelet-Stat configuration file may be found in the METv3.0/data/config/WaveletStatConfig_default file. The configuration used by the test script may be found in the METv3.0/data/config/WaveletStatConfig_APCP_12 file. Prior to modifying the configuration file, users are advised to make a copy of the default:

    cp data/config/WaveletStatConfig_default tutorial/config/WaveletStatConfig_tutorial

Open up the tutorial/config/WaveletStatConfig_tutorial file for editing with the text editor of your choice.

The configuration items for Wavelet-Stat are used to specify how the intensity-scale verification approach is to be performed. In previous versions of MET, Wavelet-Stat was restricted to comparing variables of the same type. In METv3.0, this has been generalized for comparing two different types of variables, if desired. The configurable items include specifications for the following:

  • The fields and vertical level or accumulation interval to be compared.
  • Option to mask out a portion of the raw fields.
  • Specify how one or more tiles of size 2^n by 2^n are extracted from the domain.
  • Select which wavelet family and type is used.
  • Various plotting options.

While the Wavelet-Stat configuration file contains many options, beginning users will typically only need to modify a few of them. You may find a complete description of the configurable items in the MET Users Guide or in the comments of the configuration file itself. Please take some time to review them.

For this tutorial, we'll configure Wavelet-Stat to verify the same 12-hour accumulated precipitation output of PCP-Combine that we used for Grid-Stat. Edit the tutorial/config/WaveletStatConfig_tutorial file as follows:

  • Set fcst_field[] = [ "APCP_12(*,*)" ];
    To verify the field of precipitation accumulated over 12 hours.
  • Set fcst_thresh[] = [ "gt0.0" ];
    To threshold any non-zero precipitation values.
  • Set grid_decomp_flag = 1;
    To use the tile we'll manually define below.
  • Set tile_xll[] = [ 80 ]; and tile_yll[] = [ 25 ];
    To define a single tile with a lower-left corner of (80, 25) in the grid.
  • Set tile_dim = 64;
    To define the dimension of the 2^n by 2^n tile to be used.

Save and close this file.