MET Online Tutorial

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

Stat-Analysis Tool: Output

The output of Stat-Analysis is printed to the screen by default, as we saw, unless you redirect it to an output file using the -out command line option. View the output of the first Stat-Analysis command we ran by opening the tutorial/out/stat_analysis/stat_analysis.out file using the text edior of your choice. Note the following:

  • The output of the first job to simply filter the STAT data consists of a FILTER line listing the filtering parameters applied.
  • The output of the second and third jobs consists of 3 lines each: the JOB_LIST, COL_NAME, and CTC lines. This is the same type of output that was printed to the screen for the Stat-Analysis job run on the command line.
  • The output of the fourth job consists of 3 lines: the JOB_LIST, COL_NAME, and CTS lines.

Close this file, and open up the following four files to examine the STAT data over which these jobs were run:


In this example, the second, third, and fourth jobs read two CTC STAT lines each, using the masking regions EAST and WEST. So these three jobs aggregate contingency table counts across two verification regions. Users are strongly encouraged to use the -dump_row job command option to verify that the analysis job was run over the intended subset of STAT data.