MET Online Tutorial

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

PCP-Combine Tool: Run

Since PCP-Combine performs a simple operation and reformatting step, no configuration file is needed.

Run PCP-Combine on the command line using the following two commands:

    bin/pcp_combine \
    -sum 20050807_000000 3 20050808_000000 12 \
    tutorial/out/pcp_combine/ \
    -pcpdir data/sample_fcst/2005080700

    bin/pcp_combine \
    -sum 00000000_000000 1 20050808_000000 12 \
    tutorial/out/pcp_combine/ \
    -pcpdir data/sample_obs/ST2ml

In the first command, PCP-Combine summed up 4 3-hourly accumulation forecast files into a single 12-hour accumulation forecast. In the second command, PCP-Combine summed up 12 1-hourly accumulation observation files into a single 12-hour accumulation observation. PCP-Combine should perform these tasks very quickly. In the second command, we told PCP-Combine to ignore the initialization time by setting its YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS to all zeros (0000000_000000).