MET Online Tutorial

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

PCP-Combine Tool: General

PCP-Combine Functionality

The PCP-Combine tool is used (if needed) to add, subtract, or sum accumulated precipitation from one or more GRIB files into a single NetCDF file containing the desired accumulation period. Its NetCDF output may be used as input to the MET statistics tools. PCP-Combine may be used to sum any GRIB code you like by using the -gc command line option. The GRIB files being combined must have already been placed on the grid on which the user would like to verify. The copygb utility is recommended for re-gridding GRIB files. In addition, the PCP-Combine tool will only sum model files with the same initialization time unless it is told to ignore the initialization time.

PCP-Combine Usage

View the usage statement for PCP-Combine by simply typing the following:


Use the -sum, -add, or -subtract command line option to indicate the operation to be performed. Each operation has its own set of required arguments.