MET Online Tutorial

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

PB2NC Tool: Output

When PB2NC is finished, you'll see a summary of how many PrepBufr messages were processed, retained, and rejected for various reasons. In that output, we see that 69833 PrepBufr messages were processed of which only 8394 were retained. And from those 8394 messages, 52490 observation values were extracted.

You may view the output NetCDF file that PB2NC wrote using the ncdump utility (if available on your machine). Run the following command to view the header of the NetCDF output file:

    ncdump -h tutorial/out/pb2nc/

In the NetCDF header, we see that the file contains 5 arrays of data. The obs_arr array contains the actual observation values while the 4 hdr_ type arrays contain information about the observing locations. See the comments in the ncdump output for more details.