MET Online Tutorial

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

Gen-Poly-Mask Tool: Run

Since Gen-Poly-Mask performs a simple masking operation, no configuration file is needed.

Run Gen-Poly-Mask on the command line using the following command:

    bin/gen_poly_mask \
    data/sample_obs/ST2ml/ST2ml2005080700.Grb_G212 \
    data/poly/CONUS.poly \

In this command, Gen-Poly-Mask is passed a gridded data file that's on the NCEP Grid 212 domain and a Lat/Lon polyline file defining a rough outline of the contiguous United States. Gen-Poly-Mask extracts the domain information from the data file, applies the CONUS polyline, and writes out a NetCDF mask file.