MET Online Tutorial

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

Gen-Poly-Mask Tool: Output

When Gen-Poly-Mask is finished, you may view the output NetCDF file it wrote using the ncdump and ncview utilities (if available on your machine). Run the following commands to view the contents of the NetCDF files:

    ncview tutorial/out/gen_poly_mask/ &
    ncdump -h tutorial/out/gen_poly_mask/

The output of ncdump indicates that the NetCDF file contains a variable named CONUS, which is the name defined for this polyline in the input Lat/Lon file. The ncview window should display a plot similar to Figure 2 below. We'll use this NetCDF output file from Gen-Poly-Mask to define verification masking regions for the other MET tools.

CONUS masking region over NCEP Grid 212

Figure 2: Output of the Gen-Poly-Mask tool showing CONUS region defined over NCEP Grid 212.