MET Online Tutorial

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

Ensemble-Stat Tool: General

Ensemble-Stat Functionality

The Ensemble-Stat tool is a new addition for METv3.0. Ensemble-Stat may be used to derive several summary fields, such as the ensemble mean, spread, and relative frequencies of events (i.e. similar to a probability). The summary fields produced by Ensemble-Stat may then be verified using the other MET statistics tools (Point-Stat, Grid-Stat, Wavelet-Stat, and MODE). Ensemble-Stat may also be used to verify the ensemble directly by comparing it to gridded and/or point observations. Statistics are then derived using those observations, such as rank histograms and the continuous ranked probability score.

Ensemble-Stat Usage

View the usage statement for Ensemble-Stat by simply typing the following:


At a minimum, the input ensemble files in GRIB or NetCDF format (from pinterp or PCP-Combine) and the configuration config_file must be passed in on the command line. You can specify the list of ensemble files to be used either as a count of the number of ensemble members followed by the file name for each (n_ens ens_file_1 ... ens_file_n) or as an ASCII file containing the names of the ensemble files to be used (ens_file_list). Choose whichever way is most convenient for you. The optional -grid_obs and -point_obs command line options may be used to specify gridded and/or point observations to be used for computing rank histograms and other ensemble statistics. All ensemble data must be interpolated to a common grid prior to running Ensemble-Stat.