MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

COPYGB Tool (WRF PostProcessor)

COPYGB Functionality

The COPYGB tool was developed by the NOAA Environmental Modeling Center, is distributed by the National Weather Service, Climate Prediction Center, and is also distributed as part of the WRF PostProcessor (WPP). It may be run on GRIB files to horizontally interpolate the data from one grid to another. The MET tools which compare gridded forecasts to gridded observations (Grid-Stat, Wavelet-Stat, Ensemble-Stat and, MODE) require that the input forecast and observation data be on the same grid. Therefore the COPYGB tool is very useful in preparing your gridded data for use in MET.

arrow The following copygb commands assume that copygb is installed on your system and has been added to your path.


If you have copygb installed on your machine, view the usage statement by simply typing the following:


Usage: copygb  
  [-g "grid [kgds]"] [-i "ip [ipopts]"] [-k "kpds"] [-v "uparms"]
  [-B mapgrib [-b mapindex] [-A "<> mapthreshold"] [-K "mapkpds"]]
  [-M "mask"/mergegrib [-m mergeindex]] [-X] [-a] [-N namelist]
  then either: grib1 index1 grib2
  or: -x grib1 grib2

COPYGB accepts many optional command line options which control its functionality. In this tutorial, we'll focus on the simplest types of horizontal interpolation using the default interpolation options. For a full description of these command line options, please see the copygb.doc COPYGB documentation file.