MET Online Tutorial

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

Compilation: Recommended Software

While not required to build MET, the following utilities are strongly recommended for use with MET:

WRF Post-Processor

The WRF Post-Processor is recommended for post-processing the raw WRF model output prior to verifying the data with MET. MET is designed to read gridded data in GRIB1 format on a standard, de-staggered grid and on pressure levels. These requirements match the WRF Post-Processor output format. The WRF Post-Processor may be used on output from both the ARW and NMM cores. It is available for download via the WRF-NMM Downloads Page and installation instructions are available via the WRF-NMM Documentation Page.

WRF-ARW p_interp Tool

As of version 3.0, MET can also read the NetCDF output of the p_interp tool for WRF-ARW output.

copygb Utility

The copygb utility is recommended for re-gridding model and observation datasets in GRIB1 format to a common verification grid. The copygb utility is distributed as part of the WRF Post-Processor and is also available from the NOAA Climate Predication Center.

arrow The cwordsh utility was required for earlier versions of MET but is no longer necessary for METv3.0.