MET Online Tutorial

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

Compilation: Compile MET

Make MET

Once the top-level Makefile has been configured to the local environment, execute the following commands to build MET:
    make >& make_met.log&
    tail -f make_met.log

arrow To exit the tail command, type CNTL-C.

arrow The GNU make is required to build MET. For those users building MET on an IBM, you may need to use gmake.

Examine the contents of the make_met.log file. Look for the following message that indicates the build was successful:

*** Finished Making the Model Evaluation Tools Project ***

Built Executables

The bin/ subdirectory should now contain up to 14 MET executables:
  • ascii2nc
  • ensemble_stat
  • gen_poly_mask
  • grid_stat
  • mode
  • mode_analysis
  • pb2nc
  • plot_point_obs (only if tools was compiled)
  • pcp_combine
  • point_stat
  • stat_analysis
  • wavelet_stat
  • wwmca_plot (only if tools was compiled)
  • wwmca_regrid (only if tools was compiled)

Known Issues and MET_Help

If you encounter problems building METv3.0, please: