METplus Practical Sessions, February 2019

METplus Practical Sessions, February 2019

Welcome to the METplus Practical Session Guide

The METplus practical consists of five sessions. Each session contains instructions for running individual MET tools directly on the command line followed by instructions for running the same tools as part of a METplus use case.

Please follow the link to the appropriate session:

  1. Session 1, Monday Afternoon
    METplus Setup/Grid-to-Grid

  2. Session 2, Tuesday Morning

  3. Session 3, Tuesday Afternoon
    Ensemble and PQPF

  4. Session 4, Wednesday Morning
    MODE and MTD

  5. Session 5, Wednesday Afternoon
    Trk&Int/Feature Relative

arrowThe Tutorial Schedule contains PDF's of the lecture slides and final versions will be posted here after the tutorial.

arrowAfter completing these sessions, please fill out the METplus Tutorial Survey to receive your certificate of completion.