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    To begin downloading the MET source code, enter your e-mail address:  

    or refer to the existing MET builds below (includes NCAR RAL machines and NCAR machines yellowstone and cheyenne, and NOAA machines theia, jet, and WCOSS). Alternatively, skip installing and building and access MET that is up and running in a Docker container.

If compiling from scratch, please see the compile scripts below.

External Libraries Needed To Build MET

    BUFRLIB v10.2.3 for reading PrepBufr Observation files
    NetCDF for intermediate and output file formats
    GSL GNU Scientific Library Developer's Version for computing confidence intervals (use GSL-1.11 for PGI compilers)
    GRIB2C Library, if compiling GRIB2 support.
    f2c Library for interfacing between Fortran and C (Not required for most compilers)
    HDF4 Library, if compiling the MODIS-Regrid tool.
    HDF-EOS2 Library, if compiling the MODIS-Regrid tool.

arrow MET is not yet compatible with BUFRLIB version 11.0.0, released 04/27/2015. Please use BUFRLIB v10.2.3

arrow Compiling GRIB2C with the -D__64BIT__ option requires that MET also be configured with CFLAGS="-D__64BIT__".

External Utilities Suggested For Use With MET

Additional Data That May Be Of Use

Sample Script for Compiling External Libraries and MET expects a tar_files directory to be present. It also expects the following environment variables to be set before running. The examples below are taken from the installation on Tide (WCOSS).

  • TEST_BASE - Installation Directory (e.g. /global/noscrub/Julie.Prestopnik/met/8.0)
  • COMPILER - format is compiler_version (e.g. ics_15.0.3)
  • MET_SUBDIR - location where top level MET subdir (met-8.0) will be (e.g. ${TEST_BASE}/)
  • MET_TARBALL - name of MET tarball (e.g. met-8.0.20180927.tar)
  • MET_PYTHON_CC - -I followed by the direcotry containing Python includes (e.g. -I/usrx/local/dev/python/2.7.14/include/python2.7)
  • MET_PYTHON_LD - -L followed by the direcotry containing Python library file, then a space and -l followed by the necessary Python libraries to link to (e.g. -L/usrx/local/dev/python/2.7.14/lib\ -lpython2.7\ -lutil). The slashes are necessary in the example shown.
  • PYTHON_MODULE_USE - modulefile location for Python (e.g. /usrx/local/dev/modulefiles)

Please direct comments and questions regarding MET to