MET Online Tutorial for METv8.0 | Point-Stat

Point-Stat Functionality

The Point-Stat tool provides verification statistics for forecasts at observation points, as opposed to over gridded analyses. The Point-Stat tool matches gridded forecasts to point observation locations using several configurable interpolation methods. The tool then computes continuous as well as categorical verification statistics for the matched pairs falling inside the verification masking regions defined by the user. The categorical statistics generally are calculated by applying one or more thresholds to the forecast and observation values. Confidence intervals, which represent a measure of uncertainty, are computed for most of the verification statistics.

Point-Stat Usage

View the usage statement for Point-Stat by simply typing the following:


At a minimum, the input gridded fcst_file, the point observation obs_file in NetCDF format, and the configuration config_filemust be passed in on the command line.

You may use the -point_obs command line argument to specify additional NetCDF point observation files to be used. By default, a matching point observation time window, specified in the configuration file, is defined relative to the valid time of the forecast. However, the -obs_valid_beg and -obs_valid_end command line options override the default and explicity define that time window.