Submitted by siwei.he on Mon, 09/27/2021 - 16:13

I tested my case with LSM initial conditions (from RAP) for the five supported suites in version 5.0. In the configure file, I set sfc_flux_spec = .false. and lsm_ics = .true.. I found that the surface values (fluxes and soil) from GSD_v1 were not reasonable. Although I initialized the RUC LSM with 9 layers of soil, the output soil conditions only have 4 layers, which is the number for Noah and NoahMP. So I wonder if RUC LSM is not supported in this version of CCPP-SCM or only the top 4 layers of soil were used? 

By the way, my case also showed the same results as you mentioned in NoahMP (i.e., RRFS_v1alpha) has  much higher Bowen ratio than Noah (i.e., GFS_v15p2 and GFS_v16) with the same initial conditions.

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The CCPP-SCM has only been run with an active LSM over a land point using Noah and NoahMP. I will look into what needs to happen to run with RUC LSM. Tanya Smirnova at NOAA GSL is also interested in getting this to work.