How to change pressure levels in SCM

Submitted by xia.sun on Thu, 12/02/2021 - 17:53


Which file should I change if my SCM input file has 37 levels? I have extracted all the fields from ERA5 analysis and set

model_name = 'FV3'
 ./ gives errors as
"  !!! (1) Error in subr radiation_aerosols: unrealistic surface pressure =
           1   3.06184722900391"

FYI, the n_levels value does not need to match the number of levels in the case input file. The n_levels value is used to determine the a_k and b_k coefficients using the same algorithm used in FV3 that are then used to calculate model layer and interface pressures. After the model layer pressures are determined, the input data is then interpolated to that vertical grid, so it should not matter how many levels are in the input data.

Given the tiny value of surface pressure, is it possible that the input data vertical order is upside-down? The SCM input routine expects that the input data is oriented such that the surface is the first value in the column.