GitHub Discussions for developer support

Submitted by ligia.bernardet on Fri, 03/26/2021 - 13:25

Dear CCPP Community,

The CCPP team decided to start using GitHub Discussions as the mechanism to provide support to CCPP developers. Our goal is to have more transparency onto the requests for support and the services we are providing. With GitHub Discussions, anybody with a GitHub account can see the questions and answers. Also, community members can contribute to answering the questions. Finally, we can move content from Discussions to Issues and vice-versa, as well as referencing the Discussions in pull requests (PRs).

GitHub discussions are tied to repositories and we have started discussions in the ccpp-physicsccpp-framework, and ccpp-scm repositories. We understand that many CCPP-related questions cross between repositories, that is, they may also involve the UFS Weather Model and other hosts. We are prepared to use the discussions in the ccpp-physics and ccpp-framework to address topics related to CCPP but that cross-over to other repositories.

We will continue to answer general and user questions in this CCPP Forum. For those using the CCPP with the Unified Forecast System, we will also answer user questions posted on the UFS Weather Model Forum.  However, we intend to use GitHub Discussions for technical exchanges about development. 

I am looking forward to the discussions about CCPP development at the GitHub Discussions!

Ligia Bernardet, on behalf of the CCPP team