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Did you know?: DTC Visitor Program accepting applications

Winter 2022

Despite the challenges of COVID, the DTC Visitor Program is thriving. With the incremental opening of NCAR facilities, some visitors have been working on site, while others have been collaborating with DTC staff remotely.  We invite researchers to apply to the program as an opportunity to collaborate with us on a diverse range of exciting projects. Our program has hosted visitors who have made cutting-edge enhancements to DTC software and tools, model improvements, innovated verification methodologies, and tested and evaluated products. To learn more about our program and how to apply, please read our recently updated Announcement of Opportunity.   

See past Visitor Program articles that describe projects that supported operational weather prediction centers with advances in operational weather forecasting, and those that provided researchers with NWP codes that represent the latest advances in technology, including cloud computing tools and containers.

For more information about the visitor program, please go to:

"I’ve had the pleasure of working under the DTC Visitor’s Program and the experiences provided me with wonderful opportunities to work with those at the forefront of numerical weather prediction activities, from the theoretical to the applied. I found that the most exciting and rewarding work came as a result of my coordinating ahead of time with potential beneficiaries of my work, located throughout NCAR, NOAA Boulder, and NCEP. As I look back on my DTC experiences from the perspective of someone nearing the end of his career, I find myself thinking that the activities helped me to explore new ideas, generally serving as a platform to launch off on continued ventures after the visit". --Don Morton, Boreal Scientific Computing


Contributed by Eric Gilleland