UPP User Release Version 4.0

Release Date:

The UPP User Release Version 4.0 was released on March 19, 2019.

Release Notes

Also see 'Known Issues' in this release, which is updated as needed.

Major Improvements and New Features include:

  • Support for FV3GFS model output in NEMSIO format
    • Updated User Guide documentation to include information on post-processing the FV3GFS model output.
    • New output control files to produce fields from FV3GFS model output.
    • Logic to the run_unipost, run_unipostandgrads, and run_unipostandgempak scripts for reading and processing FV3GFS model output in NEMSIO format.

* For more information about the FV3GFS model status and availability:

  • Removal of build dependency on the WRF code package.
    • There is no longer a requirement to build WRF prior to building UPP; therefore, you’ll no longer receive a prompt for the location of a WRF build when compiling the UPP.
  • Upgrade of the Community Radiative Transfer Model (CRTM) to V2.2.3.
    • Users should expect UPP synthetic satellite product results to change slightly due to minor changes in source code and coefficient files.
  • Deprecated support for WRF-NMM binary model output and NEMS-NMMB model output. 
    • The routines for reading these model outputs have been removed and/or are no longer maintained. 

Additional release notes:

  • Continued support for processing WRF-ARW model output in NetCDF format.
  • Bug fixes applied as necessary.  
  • Documentation updated (including the UPP users website, online tutorial and Users Guide).
  • The release has been synced with the operational UPP version v8.0.0 at NCEP.
  • A Docker container has been made available with limited functionality.

Known Issues and Fixes

Issue outputting select satellite fields

Posted: 2019-07-19
Problem: With the upgrade to a newer version of CRTM with UPPV4.0, there are a number of satellite fields that fail to output and will result in an incomplete unipost run. For this particular error, you may see something like 'Output RTSolution structure array too small (7) to hold results for the number of requested channels (8)' in your unipost.out log file.
Solution: At this time we are working on a solution for V4.0. In the mean time, you may need to run V3.2, which should work for these specific satellite products

Timestamp bug for min/max/avg variables in GRIB2

Posted: 2019-03-11
Problem: There is a bug with how the timestamp is listed for variables that are computed over some time period, such as the min, max, or average over a time period. This issue has been noted for all intervals, excluding hourly output. This could cause issues for reading your UPP output in downstream applications. At this time there is no fix.