UPP User Release Version 3.2

Release Date:

The UPP User Release Version 3.2 was released on December 13, 2017.

Release Notes

This release supports use of WRF-ARW model input. The DTC no longer provides UPP support for NMM or NMM-b modeling cores due to lack of support for those modeling cores. 

A fair amount of documentation has been created and/or expanded as part of this release including: 

Minor bug fixes were also implemented and effort made to sync this community release of UPP with the operational version at NCEP.

  • A new online tutorial to help users become familiar with the UPP software. 
  • Documentation on how to add new variables to the UPP code based.
  • Updated field output tables for both grib1 and grib2 formats in addition to other valuable grib identifier information.

Known Issues and Fixes

Error compiling with gfortran

Problem: Users may encounter an error when compiling the INITPOST_NETCDF.f routine with gfortran. While this routine is not used to run community UPP, it will result in a failure to build the unipost.exe executable.
Solution: A bug fix for this issue was patched into the V3.2 code base immediately after the release. If you encounter this error, please re-download the UPPV3.2 release and that will contain the fix.

Error using wgrib2 utility

Problem: An error message will result when using the most recent version of the wgrib2 utility on files for forecast zero that contain accumulated or time averaged fields:

*** FATAL ERROR: Statistical processing bad n=0 ***

This is because newer versions of the wgrib2 utility no longer allow for n parameter to be zero or empty
Solution: Users should consider using separate control file (postcntrl.xml / postxconfig-NT.txt) for forecast hour zero that does not include accumulated or time averaged fields, since they are zero anyway. Users can also continue to use an older version of wgrib2.