UPP User Release Version 2.1

Release Date:

The UPP User Release Version 2.1 was released on April 18, 2013.

Release Notes

The Unified Post Processor Version 2.1 was released on April 18, 2013.

Also see 'Known Problems' in this release, which is updated as needed.

UPP Version 2.1 new features, updates and bug fixes

The bulk of the changes to UPP for v2.1 described below are related to syncing the NCEP operational and community distributed versions of UPP.

  • Upgrade to EMC based libraries attained from EMC/DTC cooperative effort. This upgrade will facilitate future upgrade to shared library environment with EMC. This includes a new directory tree.
  • Clean up from EMC for array sizes and print statement removal
  • Binary support for NMM, which will cause a dependency on WRFv3.5
  • CRTM2.0.6: See JCSDA/CRTM website for specific changes this includes
  • GRIDAVG.f: Subroutine was modified to fill in values of neighboring points at eastern and northern boundaries for B grid when interpolating from H to V points. The variables that are affected by this change are 10 m U and V as well transport U and V for B grid.
  • INITPOST_NEMS.f: Corrected lat/lon convertion from radians to degrees for upper left corner of domain in griddef.out
  • NMM reading W instead of W_TOT as vertical velocity
  • Bug fix for in-flight icing
  • MDLFLD.f: Modified to output radar reflectivity derived from post, rather than from model, for mp_physics=9 (Zhao scheme when coupling with NMMB). Post now only uses radar reflectivity from model for Thompson microphysics scheme.
  • Update run scripts to correct environment variable, remove link to griddef.out and fort.110, which is unused by community
  • ARW check not imp_physics==5 before calculating cloud fraction
  • NMM interpolation of 10 m winds to edge reintroduced to code
  • MDL2P.f: Modified to compute isobaric fields whenever any of three Lifted Index fields is requested by users. This is because computation of Lifted Index uses 500 mb T
  • Changes for specification of different parameters for different flavors of Ferrier's scheme
  • Change to only read Ferrier look up table when Ferrier scheme used
  • Different precipitation threshold for NMM for computing PTHRESH
  • Out of bound error correction in CLDRAD.f
  • Segmentation fault fix for NAM 3k domain
  • Correct GRIB IDs for: 
    MAX VERT INTEG GRAUP was: 228 set to: 239 
    MAX UPDRAFT HELICITY was: 215 set to: 236 
    MAX 1km REFLECTIVITY was: 217 set to: 235 
    MAX UPDRAFT VERT VEL was: 220 set to: 237 
    MAX DNDRAFT VERT VEL was: 223 set to: 238