UPP content removal

Removal of Content Advisory - April 2024

Advisory to Unified Post Processing System (UPP) users: As of the beginning of April 2024, all support assets for Unified Post Processing System (UPP) will be removed from the DTC website. Users should download all reference materials of interest prior to April 2024.

Unified Post Processor (UPP) | Documentation

UPP User Guide

UPP User's Guide Version 11.0.0

  • Comprehensive user document
  • Instructions for getting started on using the UPP to process FV3 forecast data from UFS applications.

UPP Output Tables

Adding A New UPP Variable

 We encourage users to contribute their development of added variables following the updated guidance on the GitHub wiki.

RAP/HRRR Tech Memo

This technical memo documents diagnostic fields that are produced operationally for RAP/HRRR, much of which are computed within UPP. This may serve as a resource for details about how certain fields are computed for these models.  

UPP Code Management Plan

  • The Code Management Plan is available on the UPP Github wiki, It is currently being updated and enhanced. [Update: 12/6/2022]


If significant help was provided via the DTC UPP support team for work resulting in a publication, please acknowledge the Developmental Testbed Center's UPP support team.

For referencing the UPP User's Guide, please use: 

UPP User's Guide  V11.0.0, 29 pp. [available online at https://upp.readthedocs.io/en/upp_v11.0.0/]