Unified Post Processor (UPP) | Documentation

UPP User Guide

UPP User's Guide Version 10.1.0

  • Comprehensive user document
  • Instructions for getting started on using the UPP to process FV3 forecast data from UFS applications.

UPP Output Tables

Adding A New UPP Variable

 We encourage users to contribute their development of added variables following the updated guidance on the GitHub wiki.

RAP/HRRR Tech Memo

This technical memo documents diagnostic fields that are produced operationally for RAP/HRRR, much of which are computed within UPP. This may serve as a resource for details about how certain fields are computed for these models.  

UPP Code Management Plan

  • The Code Management Plan is available on the UPP Github wiki, It is currently being updated and enhanced. [Update: 9/15/2021]


If significant help was provided via the DTC UPP support team for work resulting in a publication, please acknowledge the Developmental Testbed Center's UPP support team.

For referencing the UPP User's Guide, please use: 

UPP User's Guide  V10.1.0, 27 pp. [available online at https://upp.readthedocs.io/en/upp_v10.1.0/]